Standing nearly 14,000 feet atop Mauna Kea on Hawai’is big island, above the clouds on the world’s tallest mountain (when measured from its base deep under the ocean), watching our Earth’s shadow glow across the sky,

a vibrancy pulses deep in my core.

From this, the most sacred land in all of the Hawai’ian islands, I can’t help but reflect on my purpose.

I stand for shining a light on our Earth’s majesty, for connecting us to her vibrancy, for joyfully expressing her beauty, for living sustainably in her arms and courageously exploring her unknowns.

This is my vow:

✨To remain in awe of delicious details,

✨To stay open to magic flowing through each moment,

✨To engage with our world,

✨To create art, music, poetry, dance, in the mediums I am drawn to create in,

✨To share the fruits of my exploration, in the service of sparking empowered curiosity,

✨To shine brightly for it reminds others of their brilliance,

✨To give back to our planet with each print,

✨To remember, in the times that I’ve missed my mark, that I am enough,

✨To remind myself and my tribe that we are all worthy of love and belonging,

✨To honor my creative intuition,

✨To speak out about my truths and boundaries,

✨To listen deeply,

✨To respect life,

✨To give myself permission to really fail,

✨To contribute to planetary good,

✨To embrace joy,

✨To embody integrity,

✨To be honest in my journey,

✨To keep private what I chose to,

✨To chose play over posturing,

✨To chose love over fear.

✨And above all to chose light.


Sincerely with abundant light,


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