The Lifecycle of Limited Edition Prints

The image starts as a whisper, a feeling, a tug at my innermost being when I’m immersed in nature, bathed in her majestic beauty.

The vision of the image may appear in my mind’s eye but take several weeks or years to fully realize and co-create in just the right conditions, from just the right angle at just the right moment. This is where my relentless determination mixes with the magic of the present moment to serve the intensely focused, joyful process.

Once the image is created, it along with its siblings, undergo the extensive selection process. This may take up to five times the amount of time it took to craft the image in the field, and it’s where 99.99% of images remain.

Limited-edition prints are incredibly special.

They are hand-selected for their emotional and vibrational resonance at the highest levels as well as needing to pass our exacting technical and aesthetic standards.

Once a photograph becomes a limited-edition image, I prepare it for the printing process by fine-tuning it for maximum emotional resonance in the print medium, staying true to the essence of the moment as I experienced it.

Meanwhile, aircrafts are taken out of commission, and the aluminum that allows them to take flight gets reborn as recycled metal sheets awaiting printing.

Artist proofs are created in order to refine and check that the printing process is optimized for each image. This process of refinement, checking and printing continues until it exceeds our exacting standards and is ready for you.

When you order your limited-edition prints, each image is infused directly into the aluminum sheet for an incredible luminescence that is breathtaking. Colors are rich and vibrant. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

Each print has a seal and accompanying certificate of authenticity, which is signed, dated, numbered and twin-sealed, signifying that it is an original photographic work by Denesa Chan.

Your print starts contributing to the environment in the photograph before it even reaches you.

It could be saving acres of rainforests, creating nature reserves, protecting the animals or plants in the image, or helping in other tangible, meaningful measurable ways.

We are a carbon-neutral company with an unshakable commitment to environmental sustainability. One of the ways we minimize our environmental footprint is by being an incredibly lean company. We have no office buildings, warehouses or physical galleries of our own, which keeps our energy consumption extremely low. The closest thing we have to an office is our CEO, Denesa’s solar-powered, off-the-grid tiny home in New Zealand.

Our prints are produced at a family-owned, green-certified facility in the United States. A tree is planted in a protected forest for each square foot of the prints sold. Larger prints mean more trees planted. And that means more clean water, habitat for forest creatures, cleaner air and better regulation of the global climate for us all.

Mmmm. Being part of the solutions and being as good to our Earth as humanly possible makes us incredibly joyful!

Your prints are lovingly shipped directly to your home, business or sacred space of your choice where they serve you and your tribe as wellsprings of joy, vibrancy, beauty, connection, adventure, peace, sustainability and contribution.

Each print will naturally have minute variations that add to its aesthetic nature. It’s also worth noting that computer monitors vary wildly in their color profiles. We take every precaution to ensure that your prints are of the highest standards. If you don’t love them, for any reason, let us know, and we’ll make sure you get a print that you love or a full refund. We deeply respect your energy and resources.

In your space, your prints enjoy an image stability of up to 2 to 4 times traditional photo papers. This means that your limited-edition prints can be passed on to future generations to serve them with as much brilliance as they serve you and your tribe.

Impermanence is an aspect of our reality that’s been carefully considered with all of our offerings. Centuries down the road when your print is ready to transform into something else, it can be recycled and continue to serve in new ways.

It is our highest joy to celebrate our Earth while helping it thrive and continue to inspire the deepest parts of our being.

Thank you for being an important part of our tribe!




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