Denesa’s Experience Photographing This Moment

It’s our third attempt at finding this elusive ice cave.

My guide and I have been hiking for three hours on day three of my brain-squeezing migraine, up a skinny, ice-slicked, land-slid gorge along the side an ice fall as precarious as a razor’s edge, when we arrive at the part of the glacier known as the “white ice.” Excitement fills my blood as the wind’s frozen fingers bore into my cheeks, numbing them on contact. I dig my crampons into the glassy ice with each labored step, gripping with my quads to stay upright across the pitted surface, carved by constant gales, until I stand at the edge of a great crevasse. After studying its shape, I find the perfect inlet and heave myself over the frozen moonscape into an abyss of stillness. Cathedrals of ice tower above me as the rush of distant wind rings overhead like bells from the faint beyond.

I’m overjoyed as I sing out silently with bliss at the reality that I am actually; truly; finally standing inside one of the most magical places I’ve ever had the honor of experiencing in the flesh.

After exploring in a timeless rush of focused intensity, I round a corner, spotting undulating waves of ice, carved over the years by pressure and wind howling past its curves. Its beauty stops me in my tracks. “Oh wow,” I purr to myself in awe as I linger, experimenting with composition and light until I find just the right way to express, through my lens, the delicacy of this delicious moment.

Photographed at Fox Glacier, Westland Tai Poutini National Park, New Zealand in July 2017
Total Quantity in Edition: 111
Quantity Available via the website: 100
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Single Prints:
  • INTIMATE: 8″X12″ | 0.2×0.3m $349
  • PRESENT: 16″X24″ | 0.4×0.6m $499
  • AWAKE: 24″X36″ | 0.6×0.9m $749
  • VIBRANT: 32″X48″ | 0.8×1.2m $1,499
  • MAJESTIC: 48″X72″ | 1.2×1.8m $3,199
Triptych Panels:
  • IMMERSIVE: 6×9′ | 1.8×2.7m (in three panels of 3×6′ | 1.8×0.9m) $9,999
  • GRAND IMMERSIVE: 8×12′ | 2.4×3.6m (in three panels of 8×4′ | 1.2×2.4m) $14,999

More Information

Ecosystem Information

The Fox glacier is one of several glaciers which flow like very slow moving rivers from the peaks of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the highest range of Australasia, down glacial valleys, ending in temperate rain forests. In total, about 10% of our Earth’s surface is covered by glaciers, storing an estimated 75% of our world’s supply of fresh water. Glacial ice can be hundreds of thousands of years old, and the glacial ice in this image appears blue because the ice is extremely dense and compact, forcing all the tiny air bubbles out, which makes it dense enough to absorb every color of the light spectrum except blue, which is reflected to our eyes.

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Arts for Global Development

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Congratulations and thank you! By bringing this print inside, you’re empowering and encouraging creativity in the next generation, and helping disadvantaged communities, children, youth and women across the globe. You’re also providing opportunities for under-served populations and helping artists tackle the challenges of the development field and help communities become more social conscious, creative and responsible. Thank you for being a bright light!



Dye-Infused Recycled Aircraft Aluminum with accompanying certificate of authenticity made of solar-etched reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paper using soy-based inks.

Trees planted per print (from smallest sized print to largest sized print)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Trees planted per edition

111-777, depending on which size prints are collected

is an award-winning carbon-neutral nature photographer from California.

She risks her life traveling to the most exquisite, remote locations on the globe to bring the majesty of nature’s essence into the homes of heart-centered art-lovers all over the world. She donates 50% of proceeds to projects doing tangible, meaningful good for the ecosystems and/or species in each print. Each eco-luxuriously hand-crafted, limited-edition wall-sized photograph is made from recycled materials and protects the ecosystem in the picture, helping it to thrive and continue to inspire the deepest parts of our being.

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