Denesa’s Experience Photographing This Moment

The fresh scent of clean water perfumes the air as I sit, motionless, transfixed by the golden sunlight dancing off countless drops that echo around me, swirling in flow as they smooth both the rock edges and my inner landscape at the Parakaunui Falls in New Zealand’s Catlins.

Photographed at Parakaunui Falls, Catlins, South Island, New Zealand in September 2017
Total Quantity in Edition: 111
Quantity Available via the website: 100
Size Prints Available
Single Prints:
  • INTIMATE: 8″X12″ | 0.2×0.3m $349
  • PRESENT: 16″X24″ | 0.4×0.6m $499
  • AWAKE: 24″X36″ | 0.6×0.9m $749
  • VIBRANT: 32″X48″ | 0.8×1.2m $1,499
  • MAJESTIC: 48″X72″ | 1.2×1.8m $3,199
Triptych Panels:
  • IMMERSIVE: 6×9′ | 1.8×2.7m (in three panels of 3×6′ | 1.8×0.9m) $9,999
  • GRAND IMMERSIVE: 8×12′ | 2.4×3.6m (in three panels of 8×4′ | 1.2×2.4m) $14,999

More Information

Ecosystem Information

The Parakaunui waterfalls are located in the lush Catlins of New Zealand’s South Island. They are part of a hydrological system that nourishes the Silver Beech and Podocarp forests that surround it. Most of the precipitation that falls in New Zealand flows into rivers, lakes and underground aquifers, and only about 30% evaporates into the atmosphere, compared with 70% in other places.

Environmental Organization Benefiting

New Zealand Forest and Bird + Charity Water

How You’re Helping

Congratulations and thank you so much for your help! By bringing this print into your space, you’re protecting this ecosystem for generations to come by helping to establish reserves and restoration projects, end logging of native forests and help bring back native New Zealand species from the brink of extinction. You’re also educating the next generation and raising awareness of the public at large. In addition to helping the place in this photograph, you’re helping to bring clean water to people in developing countries through proven projects with tangible results. You’re amazing! Thank you for contributing to the solutions and fostering a sustainable relationship with our Earth.



Dye-Infused Recycled Aircraft Aluminum with accompanying certificate of authenticity made of solar-etched reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paper using soy-based inks.

Trees planted per print (from smallest sized print to largest sized print)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Trees planted per edition

111-777, depending on which size prints are collected

is an award-winning carbon-neutral nature photographer from California.

She risks her life traveling to the most exquisite, remote locations on the globe to bring the majesty of nature’s essence into the homes of heart-centered art-lovers all over the world. She donates 50% of proceeds to projects doing tangible, meaningful good for the ecosystems and/or species in each print. Each eco-luxuriously hand-crafted, limited-edition wall-sized photograph is made from recycled materials and protects the ecosystem in the picture, helping it to thrive and continue to inspire the deepest parts of our being.

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