Denesa’s Experience Photographing This Moment

The sub-tropical pre-dawn breeze held me as I slipped from my slumber and walked barefoot to the shore.

I sat on the beach of Loggerhead Key, a tiny deserted island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico which was my home and creative playground during my month-long artistic residency voted “most exciting residency in the world.” The sky glowed with stillness. Waves gently kissing the sand. I sat, drank in the scene with every sense, and waited for color to fill the vista.

My chest sang with awe when what I can only describe as electric pink painted the underside of the purple clouds and filled everything from horizon to horizon with a candy-colored radiance that called to my depths.

Photographed at Loggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, USA in September 2018
Total Quantity in Edition: 111
Quantity Available via the website: 100
Size Prints Available
Single Prints:
  • INTIMATE: 8″X12″ | 0.2×0.3m $349
  • PRESENT: 16″X24″ | 0.4×0.6m $499
  • AWAKE: 24″X36″ | 0.6×0.9m $749
  • VIBRANT: 32″X48″ | 0.8×1.2m $1,499
  • MAJESTIC: 48″X72″ | 1.2×1.8m $3,199
Triptych Panels:
  • IMMERSIVE: 6×9′ | 1.8×2.7m (in three panels of 3×6′ | 1.8×0.9m) $9,999
  • GRAND IMMERSIVE: 8×12′ | 2.4×3.6m (in three panels of 8×4′ | 1.2×2.4m) $14,999

More Information

Ecosystem Information

The Dry Tortugas National Park is 100 square miles of protected area between Florida and Cuba made up of 99% water. The 1% of land is comprised of seven tiny islands that shift, some disappearing while new ones appear after hurricanes. The park gets its name from pirates who used “Dry” to mean the area had no fresh water and “Tortugas” to mean turtles were abundant. Unfortunately for the turtles, they were a common food source for passing pirates.

Today the Dry Tortugas National Park is a prominent nesting site for many species of endangered sea turtles. The park also boats the third largest coral reef in the world outside of Australia and Belize, and much of its biodiversity swims, pulses and floats in its ocean waters, including sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, many species of fish, eel, crab, lobster and more. The islands are important nesting sites for migratory birds including brown noodles, roseate terns, double-crested cormorants and magnificent frigate birds. It’s also the only regular U.S. nesting site for about 100,000 sooty terns.

Environmental Organization Benefiting

Rainforest Trust

How You’re Helping

Congratulations and thank you so much for your help! By bringing this print into your space, you’re protecting our climate, ensuring that when we look up at our sky, we breathe a deep sense of joy knowing we’re helping. With this print, you’re saving up to 5,333 acres of the most threatened tropical rain forests through local community engagement. This is great news for our beloved planet, since each acre of rain forest sequesters 2.6 tons of carbon from our atmosphere each year, helping our Earth thrive and continue to inspire the deepest parts of our being. You’re amazing! Thank you for contributing to the solutions and fostering a sustainable relationship with our Earth.



Dye-Infused Recycled Aircraft Aluminum with accompanying certificate of authenticity made of solar-etched reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paper using soy-based inks.

Trees planted per print (from smallest sized print to largest sized print)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Trees planted per edition

111-777, depending on which size prints are collected

is an award-winning carbon-neutral nature photographer from California.

She risks her life traveling to the most exquisite, remote locations on the globe to bring the majesty of nature’s essence into the homes of heart-centered art-lovers all over the world. She donates 50% of proceeds to projects doing tangible, meaningful good for the ecosystems and/or species in each print. Each eco-luxuriously hand-crafted, limited-edition wall-sized photograph is made from recycled materials and protects the ecosystem in the picture, helping it to thrive and continue to inspire the deepest parts of our being.

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