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Islands of Majesty

Photography coffee table book
By Denesa Chan

Islands of Majesty is a stunning forthcoming photography coffee table book exploring the awe-inspiring landscapes, flora, fauna, dazzling night skies and deep blue underwater beings of some of the world’s most unique islands.

Creating the images that make up Islands of Majesty, has led Denesa to camp in sub-zero temperatures near the Arctic Circle, scale a 14,000 foot mountain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, slosh through equatorial rain forests, explore glacial ice caverns, live on a tiny deserted island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico while photographing endangered sea turtle hatchlings, photographing the world’s rarest penguins in their natural habitat and dangle out of doorless helicopters 15 feet from active lava, just to name a tiny part of this incredibly diverse and unexpected body of work.


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Empathy Bank

Organization + Community
Created and Founded by Denesa Chan

Help raise global empathy levels! Did you know that studies have shown that empathy levels in the U.S. have declined dramatically since the 1970’s? The good news is that empathy is a muscle, not a fixed trait, and that means we can work out and strengthen our empathy muscle.

How? With exercise. Empathy Bank is a place where we can flex our empathy muscles by hearing other people’s stories and seeing from other people’s perspectives. Here we can expand the depth and breadth of perspectives available to us in order to connect, overcome perceived differences and come together, especially in divisive times.

Empathy Bank’s mission is to increase global levels of empathy by expanding the perspectives we are exposed to and care about.

By sharing our points of view, we make a deposit into Empathy Bank. When we are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or hope-deprived, we can come to Empathy Bank and marinate in other people’s stories, thoughts and viewpoints. The goal is to remind us of how we are connected, and that we can recognize and honor our differences while we embrace our shared humanity and rise above prejudice and bigotry in all forms.

Denesa created Empathy Bank as an antidote to these challenging divisive times.

AMA’ARA – the SONG of the WHALES

Feature-length documentary film
Underwater cinematographer / underwater camera operator / additional cinematography

AMA’ARA – The SONG of the WHALES is a feature-length documentary film that tells the story of a courageous woman who, despite all challenges, follows her heart’s desire to sing with Humpback whales in order to create a new awareness of these fascinating sea giants. The viewer experiences her story on different, artfully interwoven levels and dives into an audio-visually fascinating and deeply touching adventure.

Denesa was the underwater cinematographer and camera operator responsible for swimming with and filming Humpback whales in the Pacific.

“In the Presence of Giants”

Essay published in Unpsychology Magazine Issue 6 – the Other-Than-Human anthology

Ever wonder what it’s like to be surrounded by bus-sized Humpback whales on all sides in their natural habitat while co-creating with them? (Spoiler alert: It’s life-changing!!)

Join Denesa as she takes you on a written journey of what it’s like to swim with these gentle giants.

Denesa wrote this essay, which was published in Unpsychology Magazine in order to share her incredible experiences with the wider world. Unpsychology Magazine is a journal of writing, art and ideas — of imagination, psychology and soul. It was launched as a vehicle for exploring alternative and ‘uncivilised’ responses to psychology and culture. It grew out from the acorn of James Hillman’s radical soul-making theories; the slopes of the ‘uncivilised’ Dark Mountain Project and a growing ecosystem of ecopsychologists, feminists, neurodiversity activists, arts practitioners and others.

Our homes, offices, co-working spaces and professional sanctuaries have the power to fill us with vibrancy, majesty, awe and wonder.

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“Wow. The footage is truly STUNNING. National Geographic quality at its finest.

‘Ama’ara – the SONG of the WHALES’ evokes feelings that are very deep. We are sure that this film will go down in history as a profound masterpiece of meditative cinema.”

– Tonia & Frank, Film Producers

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